Bella FAQs 

Do I still have to wear a mask? Yes, over your mouth and nose. you also need to complete your waiver and wash your hands upon entry  

Where are you located? We are located in downtown Newark’s (NJ) Teacher's Village. We are below Branford Place off of Treat Place or between Treat Place and Halsey Street (below Branford and above William).

Where do I park? There is limited parking on Treat Place and metered parking on Maiden Lane and Halsey Street until 6PM Monday through Saturday, you can pay at the meter or on the ParkMobile app. There are also a number of parking lots on Halsey Street and William Street, the closest is on Halsey and Maiden (the entrance is on Halsey).

Do I have to book an appointment? We accept both appointments and walk-ins. We recommend scheduling in advance to book an appointment to secure your service, the time of your choice and technician. Walk ins are typically subjected to a 45 minute wait when capacity allows us to accept walk ins. You can always check availability by selecting make a reservation on our website.

There is a 30% deposit required for all appointments/services, your deposit is applied to your service at checkout or refunded when applicable. We do not save card information unless requested.
Deposits are non refundable. 

If you are running late, we appreciate a courtesy phone call to let us know in advance of your appointment time. We will let you know as well when we are running behind schedule. Often times we run behind schedule when a previous service/client requires additional time or there are services challenges etc.

If you have any questions about what to book please feel free to email us at info@bellanaillounge.com.

If you are unable to keep your appointment we require twenty four hour notice, while we do understand that life happens please call Bella directly to discuss unavoidable adherence to the cancellation policy.
Why are there no spa chairs? At Bella, we don't use whirlpool spa chairs which are susceptible to bacteria, skin and hair particles and require at least 20 minutes to thoroughly clean and disinfect between uses as well as use disposable pedicure liners. We hope you enjoy the throne we have awaiting you.

Can I bring a child with me? Children are more than welcome as long as they have an appointment and are closely supervised.

Will my manicure/pedicure items be clean?Upon your arrival, the team at Bella will open a sealed pouch of sterilized implements/tools. We also use nonmetal tools that are sanitized/disinfected as well as single use/disposable items (our pedicure liners, pedicure abrasives, etc).

We use an autoclave for all of our metal instruments. Our autoclave is a medical grade sterilization chamber similar to what hospitals and dentists use to sterilize their metal tools. The tools are then stored in a sterilized and sealed pouch until it is time to use them.

We use OPI Spa Complete/Barbicide to sanitize/disinfect our non implements.
Can I use my cell phone? Out of respect for your fellow customers’ experience, your cell
phone must be on vibrate while at Bella and we ask that phone calls be kept to a minimum and that you do not video chat without using ear buds/headphones.

Is Bella pet friendly?
Although we love love fury friends, we do not allow pets in the lounge (insert sad face).
Is Bella black owned? Yes.